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2nd April 2008


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Article One: My Favourites

http://www.mediaguardian.co.uk - Fantastic website for keeping up-to-date with news from across all areas of the media industry. Some interesting blogs from key industry figures too.

http://www.mediapost.com - A community site for media, marketing and advertising professionals. It's US based, but a good source of opinions, news and ideas on what's hot online.

http://www.sharkbait.co.uk - The most important website in my life. Gives me a quick update on what the surf's like in Brighton so I can decide whether to go before work or not! 

Provided by David Somerville, Marketing Manager, Simply Online Services


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Question. Which website has been used by over 100,000 employers and 1 Million candidates over the last 12 months to find and contact recruitment agencies to work on their behalf?

Answer. www.AgencyCentral.co.uk – the most popular site in the UK for employers and candidates looking to find recruitment agencies.

Agency Central Ltd also provides job posting services (www.VacancyCentral.co.uk) and CV Access (www.CVCentral.co.uk), plus our unique Rec2Rec tool for establishing recruitment partnerships, www.SplitFeeJobs.com

For more information, send an e-Mail to sales@agencycentral.co.uk, or call 01925 639100

Article One:  Opinion Piece - In Pursuit of Brilliance – Part One by Dean Gollings

The main theme of this short series of recruitment articles is Quality Control. Hopefully it will provide some food for thought. 

I have always believed that the most effective route to sustainable, profitable growth and spectacular increases in market share is to put quality first. It is about being better than your competitors at every single aspect of the job. It’s not just about what you do, and it certainly isn’t about what you say you do, it’s about the actual services you provide compared to everyone else. 

At one time there was a clear distinction between “recruitment consultants,” who worked primarily in the managerial/professional/executive sectors, and “employment agents”, who could mainly be found on the High St. These days everyone calls themself a “consultant”. The Wikipedia definition of consultant is “a professional who provides advice in a certain area of expertise”. But how much expert advice is being provided, and what proportion of your consultants is equipped to give it? How many are merely “matchers” and “order takers”? 

Meanwhile, candidates and clients grow ever more weary, sceptical and cynical of recruiters, many of whom they perceive to be only interested in a fast buck and to hell with the candidate’s longer term career aspirations. They hear what you are telling them but they are not listening. This manifests itself if poor candidate/client control and poor results.

I have met enough hugely talented people in this industry to know that many of you are doing your utmost to provide a service to be proud of. But it takes a lot more than a jargon-filled mission statement and an expensive looking web site to make it happen. The question is, what are you actually doing that is special? Are all of your consultants doing it, or just the best ones? Is anyone coming up with genuinely new ideas? Have you got great products and services for candidates and clients that your competitors don’t offer? How great do you want to be? 

So let’s look at candidates in more detail. Candidates are the lifeblood of your business. The more high-quality candidates you have that your competitors do not, the greater your chances of increasing your revenue at their expense. It is that simple. At the very least candidates are just as important as clients, but does the quality of your service reflect that? Do you provide an “agency” service, or is it genuine “consultancy”? Do your marketable candidates receive a consistently excellent service right from the word go – or does it rather depend on which of your consultants is dealing with them? Are some of your consultants getting blasé about candidates?

Consultants have only one real chance to establish market-beating levels of trust and credibility and that is at the candidate meeting. You want your candidate walking out your office thinking, “That was superb. I have learned so much. That was the best meeting I have ever had with a recruitment consultant. If I only ever trust one recruitment consultant, it’s going to be you”. Are you set up to achieve that kind of relationship with your candidates? Imagine how much easier candidate and expectation management will be with a relationship like that. Imagine how many more fees you will make. Imagine what a competitive advantage you would have. 

The benefits are obvious. Here are just a few:-
* Candidates and their expectations are easier to manage leading to more placements
* More candidate referrals
* More candidates registering with you first
*More exclusive candidates
*More candidates become clients
*Candidates are more co-operative and pass on more leads
*Candidates will help you with business development 
*Candidates come back to you first next time they are looking

If your candidate service is no better, no worse than your competitors, then all of the above advantages are lost.

With the right training, tools, techniques and attitudes a consultant with 3-6 months experience can be more credible and more effective than competitors with several years of experience. I see proof of this all the time. 

Get some facts and figures to measure the quality of your candidate service:
* What percentage would register with you in future?
* What percentage would recommend you to friends and colleagues?
* What percentage would use you if they were recruiting?
* What percentage would rate you as brilliant?
* How would they score you out of ten?
* What improvements could you make?

If you get good scores, then tell the world. 

Good candidates are like gold-dust. They always have been and always will be. The current “skills shortage” existed when I entered the recruitment industry in 1982. If you look after your candidates better than anyone else they will look after you for years to come. If your service is average, then don’t expect any favours.

We will be running the second part of this series in the next couple of weeks.  Dean Gollings is a freelance recruitment trainer and coach. For more information, please visit www.deangollings.com

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Job Boards - Started a meaningful relationship with a stranger this morning?

Because we know talking to new clients can be tough, we’ve designed a unique search tool to help you understand their needs from the moment you first talk to them. You will know if, when and where they have advertised online before, as well as background information on their company. 

And for good measure, we’ll send you an alert listing everyone who has advertised online for the first time that week. For a product demonstration, register at www.innovantage.co.uk/trial


Article Two: Review of the Search Execution and Client Management Workshop by Edith Udemezue

Having worked in Executive Search and managed Search Consultants for almost 8 years, this was an opportunity to compare approaches, pick up a few tips and discuss some of the many challenges we face in the execution of our role.

In a number of areas the course did not disappoint. Based at The Westbury Hotel in Mayfair, the 10 delegates were a cross section of those fairly new to Executive Search as well as experienced researchers and consultants. The size of the group ensured the day was very interactive with a number of breakout sessions, role plays and open forum discussions.

The course delivery was good as our trainer Jill Dillistone ensured everyone had the opportunity to contribute – although admittedly some were more vocal than others!

We were all provided with a copy of Jill’s presentation, which was useful for making notes as we went along and will now also serve as a good reference tool.

A number of areas were covered during the day:
· Client management
· Candidate interviewing and referencing
· Adding value to the search process

Following introductions, we started the day in our table groups describing nightmare searches, drawing out common themes and discussing the practicalities of managing these. 

Jill stressed throughout the importance of being open and transparent when dealing with clients, and it was nice to see that many of us on the course already took this approach.

Understanding our client’s motivators, keeping them in the loop and managing their expectations were all emphasized. These factors ensure that, as challenging as the assignment may seem, the client is still on our side. An interesting statistic put forward is that 1 in 3 searches fail. With our 85% success rate I was feeling pretty pleased!

The interviewing section looked at eliciting the full story from candidates. Interestingly, the discussion around good questioning technique (the use of open, closed, reflective and probing questions at the appropriate times to assess the exact level of candidate involvement in a given scenario), was put in to practice straight away by one of the delegates who had to carry out a lunchtime interview! 

The buffet lunch was lovely although the room was at times unbearably cold - no fault of search-consult, but uncomfortable nonetheless.

Lunch was followed by sessions on adding value to the search process which included understanding client needs, interviewing thoroughly, compiling clear and concise interview reports and facilitating the integration process. There was a debate on whether CVs should be presented to clients in the same format for all candidates. We also covered the importance of taking up appropriate formal as well as informal references, particularly as increased litigation means people are often reluctant to talk. 

For an experienced consultant, this course is an excellent refresher and a good forum for exchanging ideas. For the less experienced delegates the course provides guidance on a structured and thorough approach and ensures good practice at all times. On the flip side, it would have been beneficial to have included a full session on developing new business as this was rushed through very quickly at the end of the day.

For more information on Retained Executive Search Workshops in London and Brussels, please visit www.search-consult.com or call 020 7749 6102. 

Edith Udemezue is Operations Manager with SRG Executive. Contact edith.udemezue@srg.co.uk or 01707 387 617 www.srgexecutive.co.uk

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CURA recruitment software is aimed at start ups, small and large businesses which are looking for a high-tech, secure and Internet accessible recruitment solution which is flexible, easy to use and managed by the experts in recruitment support.

There are so many features that make CURA stand out from the rest, its best you book a test drive before someone else does!

To book an on-line test drive, please click on our website: www.curauk.co.uk. If you can't wait, please call the CURA Team on 0845 094 8190 now and ask for Carl or Peter. The next step in recruitment software is here - CURA 


Online Recruitment Update  (This section is sponsored by http://www.1Job.co.uk; "the leading UK job search engine")

UKRecruiterJobs: Traditional, On-line and Corporate HR Recruitment Job Board 
For the latest job opportunities in recruitment or to find recruiting professionals, go to www.UKRecruiterJobs.co.uk.  Here is a selection of the latest vacancies on the site:
- Media Recruitment Consultant (Major Players)
- Recruitment Consultant (Red Commerce)
- IT Recruitment Consultants (Contracts IT)
- Recruitment Consultant (System Recruitment Limited)
- Executive Search Consultant (Client confidential)
- Talent Attraction Consultant (British Sky Broadcasting) 
For information on posting vacancies to the site email info@ukrecruiterjobs.co.uk or call Richard on 0845 004 1717.

Hitwise top 10 Recruitment Sites, week ending 29th March 2008
The most visited UK recruitment sites last week, starting with the most popular, were www.jobcentreplus.gov.uk, www.jobs.nhs.uk, www.monster.co.uk, www.totaljobs.com, jobs.tes.co.uk, www.reed.co.uk, www.jobsite.co.uk, www.linkedin.com, jobs.guardian.co.uk and www.s1jobs.com. Hitwise don't aggregate data from sites who form part of a network such as fish4.co.uk For more information about Hitwise, visit http://www.hitwise.co.uk

Louise's UK Recruiter blog
Since the last newsletter Louise has posted the following: 
Free Internet Sourcing Newsletter
- Lessons for (sales) Recruiters from The Apprentice
- Top 10 Countries by Number of Recruitment Companies
- Does your face suit the role?
- bemyinterviewer.co.uk - worth sharing with candidates 
You can read Louise's UK Recruiter blog at http://ukrecruiter.typepad.com  You can keep up to date with other recruitment blogs from the UK via the UK Recruiter blog watch page at http://www.ukrecruiter.co.uk/blogs.htm.  

Discussion Board Summary
Don't forget to visit The Discussion Board. Current topics on the site include:
Recruitment Agency Handbook
Sales Jobs Boards
- Internal recruiters - Grrr
- I have created a CV Search Tool
You do not need to be registered to post or view messages on the discussion board.  Any postings you or anyone else makes will be included in the weekly digest (sign up for the digest here). Visit the site, ask questions and share your knowledge.  

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Looking for recruitment consultants, managers or directors, HR recruitment professionals or on-line recruitment professionals?  Look no further!

UKRecruiterJobs is the specialist job board of the renowned and highly respected UK Recruiter organisation.

- Our Approach is to limit the volume of job opportunities on display to those that are current, relevant and targeted to our specialist audiences.
- Jobsekers are emailed your jobs as soon as you post them if they match their criteria.

For more information email info@ukrecruiterjobs.co.uk or call Richard on 0845 004 1717


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Survey into the Recruitment Industry
"Collier Pickard Limited are conducting research to identify future trends in UK recruitment companies. All we ask is a few minutes of your time to complete our online survey by clicking here. Based on your input and the input of other senior industry figures, we will compile a report in association with UK Recruiter entitled The Future of Recruitment in the UK— Death or Glory? We would also like to share the report with you and hope that you will discern trends and directions that could directly affect the future profitability and viability of your business. In exchange for your valuable insight, we will send you a 1GB memory stick - for free - if you respond by Wednesday 9 April, 2008. If you have any questions, please call Eva on 01959 560410" 

REC News Roundup
These are links to a selection of press releases the Recruitment Employment Confederation (REC) have recently produced. 
- Immigration system must remain flexible, says REC
- CBI Equality Forum highlights opportunities for recruiters
- Money Laundering Deadline Postponed
- REC action on GLA revocation
- REC highlights key role of recruiters in checking care home workers

Press Release: CV-Library Becomes a Main Sponsor of Recruiter Networking Events
CV-Library is now one of the main sponsors, along with Innovantage and JobsToday, for one of the industries premier events, The Recruiters Network. Hosted by UKRecruiter and Broadbean.  The events offer both an educational and enjoyable experience, alongside giving an opportunity to those involved in recruitment to network amongst important industry figures all under one roof. The Recruiters Network is fast becoming one of those ‘must attend’ entries in a consultant’s diary, as well as the diaries of a growing number of other recruitment professionals. The events consist of speeches from some of the industries' leading personalities who will be passing on insider’s tips and industry predictions. For more information or to register to attend one of the events visit www.recruitmentnetworking.co.uk 

Press Release: Voyager Software Launches Software Aimed at Recruitment of Temporary Industrial Staff
"Voyager Software, the recruitment agency software specialist, announces the launch of a new software product aimed at making it easy for agencies to manage the recruitment process for their temporary industrial workers. The new software will massively simplify the recruitment of temporary staff such as pickers, packers, stackers and drivers, automating the entire process from managing and fulfilling the bookings through to payment and invoicing. This streamlines many tedious and time-consuming administrative tasks. Voyager Industrial is available now, for more details visit www.voyage.co.uk or call Voyager free on 0800 008 6262."

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