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9th January 2008


  • The Seven Deadly Sins (... and how to use them in Recruitment by Dan Atkinson - Part Three)
  • Article One (AIRS Researcher Training Course Review by Charlotte Horsey)
  • Article Two (Cold Calling Tips – Part Three by Nido Marketing)
  • Online Recruitment Update (Hitwise Top 10 Recruitment Sites - Louise's UK Recruiter Blog - PR: Workhound.co.uk Announced First Round of Funding -  PR: Hcareers.co.uk Proves Essential for Recruiters in Hospitality - Discussion Board Summary)
  • Don't Miss This (Recruitment Networking Event, 31st January, London - PR: 2008 ‘Worst Year for Jobs in a Decade’ Forecasts CIPD - Online Recruitment 2008 - The Year Ahead Conference)
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The Seven Deadly Sins - Part Three: Greed

So far in this series we have looked at Lust and Gluttony. This week’s deadly sin that we can use to get our candidate is in some ways the easiest of all, and in other ways the hardest - Greed.

Money is always going to be a major consideration when it comes to moving candidates, but it’s rarely going to be everything. Any experienced search consultant will tell you that when the economy is strong greed is a huge motivator. The chance to move to higher rewards for greater risk is one that will likely receive a positive response so long as the candidate has faith in the company’s offerings. Since probably 2002 emphasising the money on offer has played a large part in gaining interest from potential candidates.  Then we get to stock opportunities. Board level searches that I have carried out in the past have taught me that stock and greed are indeed common bedfellows. But, especially where there’s a past history of merger and acquisition activity, there’s also a fair amount of wrath to contend with, particularly if the candidate’s felt cheated in the past. I’ll talk about that one another time.

Right now though, there are a lot of signs that confidence in the economy is not what it has been, and as a result we should be careful how we sell the greed angle when looking to acquire our shortlist.

During challenging times, the emphasis should be placed more towards the immediate tangible benefits the candidate will be getting. How good is the basic salary? How reliable are bonus schemes? What sort of guarantee of future earnings is on offer? What sort of detail can you give about the rest of the benefits package? Instead of emphasising the earning potential, talk about the realistic tangible rewards on offer right now. Of course it doesn’t hurt to paint a dream of big earnings as well, but make sure it’s tempered by reality. 

Finally, how well established is the client’s organisation and its earnings consistency? During a storm there’s nothing more appealing than a big ship. Even during uncertain times greed is still going to be a big motivator, just think carefully about how you sell it.

Dan Atkinson is a director of Accite Executive research. He has been in international search for over ten years as a provider of research and researcher training services. He holds a BA in Behaviour in Organisations from the University of Lancaster. contact dan@accite.co.uk, www.accite.co.uk or 01423 565 999.


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Question. Which website has been used by over 100,000 employers and 1 Million candidates over the last 12 months to find and contact recruitment agencies to work on their behalf?

Answer. www.AgencyCentral.co.uk – the most popular site in the UK for employers and candidates looking to find recruitment agencies.

Agency Central Ltd also provides job posting services (www.VacancyCentral.co.uk) and CV Access (www.CVCentral.co.uk), plus our unique Rec2Rec tool for establishing recruitment partnerships, www.SplitFeeJobs.com

For more information, send an e-Mail to sales@agencycentral.co.uk, or call 01925 639100

Article One:  AIRS Researcher Training Course Review by Charlotte Horsey

Back in December I attended an AIRS researcher training day in the Euston Tower in London.

There were 9 people on the course who predominantly were in house recruiters, two of them came from SAB Miller, one from KPMG and the others from smaller firms.

The day started by, our trainer, Laura introducing herself to us and explaining exactly who AIRS were and what they do. She had an excellent approach. We immediately cracked on with the training, as there was a lot to get through, and started with AIRS search techniques. These are better for finding specific types of candidates, and their searches were PowerSearch for CV’s, PowerSearch for people, X-Ray and Flip Search. 

So we started with PowerSearching which breaks down as the better your keywords are, the easier it is to search the whole Web at once. If you have many keywords that represent the candidate you’re seeking and they have only one meaning you stand a good chance of finding what you’re after quickly. 

It is better to use as many search engines as you can (she recommended Google, Yahoo and Live.com). The more search engines the more candidates. Also try to create search strings that will yield a manageable number of results – between 50-100 is a good target range. Continually refine your search until you get to this number of results. 40,000 hits may seem impressive but it’s not particularly useful. Also keeping your search string as simple as possible. 

For example for a Quantities Equity Research Analyst based in London with the following role description:
· Initiate research on quantitative active equity investment strategies in the EU
· Create investment ideas based on existing academic of proprietary research.
· Convert these ideas into quantities strategies by conducing thorough research including risk, transactions costs, data mining biases, etc.
· Communicate research progress and results on a regular basis.
· Closely interact with investment professional throughout the firm both on research development and the actual implementation of investment strategies 

An example string would be: 

(intitle:cv OR inurl:cv OR intitle: vitae OR inurl: vitae) quantitative research (analyst OR analysis) (equity OR bank) – job London 44 020.

We worked on lots of trial strings live on the internet and also used the same method to search for individual people rather than CVs.

Just in time before my mind nearly scrambled itself completely we had lunch, this was wheeled in and was a selection of sandwiches including coronation chicken, (one of my favourites), tuna (which wasn’t great), cheese and pickle and various others. Also there was a Chinese element with satay sticks and sweet chilli sauce, as well as crisps, and lots of fruit. The break was sadly not a networking opportunity; some people ate at their desks whilst going over the formulas whilst others went outside for some air, as it was all a bit closed in our room.

The afternoon session opened with my favourite bit of learning for the day. This was X-Raying, and quite simply, so useful for my role as a researcher and saves me so much time. 

For example if you are looking for a “Brand Marketing Director” for a mobile phone operator and want to search in other operators this is how you scan a website without having to trawl through press releases.

An example of this (I’m going to use Vodafone as the demonstration) is using the search string (in Google): 

Site:vodafone.com “brand marketing”

This will then return all the information contained on their website including press releases with names of brand marketers if they exist, or relevant information. 

I love it and use it all the time now.

We then also talked about the advantages of www.linkedin.com and how to get the most out of it, and the advantages of building a big network and how to go about doing this.

We also spoke about social networking sites (two new ones on me were www.ziggs.com and www.spoke.com) as potential tools which may give out results.

I have to say, I thought the training was excellent and I would thoroughly recommend this one day course. I use the X-Raying all the time and have already grown my LinkedIn network so that I’m now on over 3 million contact at 3 degrees of separation.

Laura was a fabulous teacher and really took time with each of us which was one huge advantage of having a smaller group. She made sure that the information had sunk in by giving us lots of tasks and demonstrations after we learnt a new skill.

I am very glad that I went, and they looked after us incredibly well without it being too much to take in.

The next day my colleagues at work were very impressed with what I had learnt and they all seemed as equally impressed with X-Raying and PowerSearching.

For more information about AIRS training in the UK visit their website

Charlotte Horsey is a senior researcher at Highfield Human Solutions. Her LinkedIn profile is at http://www.linkedin.com/pub/3/176/38 . She is keen to further develop her LinkedIn network and happy to connect with any recruiters. Her email address is charlotte@highfielduk.co.uk

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January 2008 free database setup for all new clients! 

CURA recruitment software is aimed at start ups, small and large businesses which are looking for a high-tech, secure and Internet accessible recruitment solution which is flexible, easy to use and managed by the experts in recruitment support.

There are so many features that make CURA stand out from the rest, its best you book a test drive before someone else does!

To book an on-line test drive, please click on our website: www.artemis3.com/cura or you can email sales@artemis3.com with your details. If you can't wait, please call the CURA Team on 0208 393 4114 now and ask for Peter Hunter. The next step in recruitment software is here - CURA 

Article Two: Cold Calling Tips – Part three by Nido Marketing

Selecting the right telemarketing company

Canvass calls and ongoing business development calls are two of the most successful and cost effective ways to generate new business leads, jobs and candidates. For many recruitment companies it can also be time consuming and difficult as recruitment consultants will always put existing clients and vacancies above canvassing for new business.

So it is not surprising that more companies are choosing to employ the services of a telemarketing company to make calls on their behalf. However, with so many different telemarketing companies out there how do you decide who to use? 

There are three main categories of telemarketing company to choose from; large contact centres, smaller specialist agencies, and freelancers.

The most important factor in selecting which of these will be most suitable for you is to identify exactly what you would like to achieve from telemarketing. 

1. Contact/Call Centres

Do you provide relatively low cost candidates who you need to place in large volumes? Or do you have a database with many thousands of records that need to be cleaned and verified? Perhaps you need someone to handle a large amount of incoming advert responses?

Large contact centres operate around a high volume of calls. These generally consist of short, scripted conversations and are most effective when your service can be explained over the phone quickly and without decision makers requiring time or discussion with colleagues before placing a job with you. 

Contact Centres are good at providing a fast turnaround for volume based, low cost candidates. 

2. Specialist Telemarketing Agencies

Are you looking to get in front of the recruiting decision maker in your target customer base when they are looking to recruit? Do you have a niche recruitment service that may have long lead times? Maybe you would like to build quality business relationships over time and build a steady, consistent job and candidate pipeline?

Smaller telemarketing agencies are able to really ‘get inside’ your business to understand what makes your recruitment company different and what qualifies as a genuine, useful job spec or meeting. As opposed to Contact Centres, you will be able to actually meet the people who will be making calls and representing your company. By being both independently proactive and working closely with you they can become an indispensable cog in your canvassing machine.

Perfect for placing a very targeted candidate with a new or existing client, such companies excel in adapting their service quickly and developing future opportunities for you.

3. Freelancers

Are you looking for telemarketing on an ad-hoc basis with no fixed terms? Do you need someone to come and work alongside you in your business?

Freelancers can offer high flexibility in their service and due to low running costs can offer competitive rates. They can work in your office from your database, providing direct access to the front line of the campaign.

Alternatively, if you have a very small amount of calling to do which may not be financially viable for agencies and contact centres to carry out, a freelancer could be an option.

Once you have answered these questions and decided which type of telemarketing best suits your needs, you then need to ensure that you choose the right company to represent you.

There are a number of things to take into consideration to help you make the right selection. These include:

- Do you like and trust the company? Remember these people are going to represent your business and will be the first point of contact for your potential new clients.
- Are you confident in the people actually making your calls? Success will hinge on your message being conveyed in a clear, concise and intelligent manner.
- Do they have a good track record and are you able to talk with existing clients? It will help put your mind at rest if you can talk with other companies who have used their services and had a good experience.
- Do they fully understand your product or service and the needs of the market you are targeting? Can they challenge your ideas and make intelligent business suggestions during a campaign or will they just tell you what you want to hear? 
- Do they have enough flexibility to continually change their approach through the course of a campaign in order to maximise results? 

If you are not satisfied with the people you meet, look elsewhere. 

There are good Contact Centres, Telemarketing companies and Freelancers out there who will help you grow your business. Ask for recommendations and check client testimonials.

This concludes the third installment of telemarketing tips from Nido Marketing.  You can read part one and part two on the ukrecruiter website. 

Nido Marketing are a B2B Telemarketing Company who help their clients grow through intelligent, targeted telemarketing to key decision makers. Both Directors have a background in recruitment so do feel free to contact Jacky or Tim on 01273 66 79 79 to see how they could potentially help you and your Recruitment Consultants generate more jobs and candidates. 

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Want to find the top one hundred recruiters for your sector?

Innovantage aggregates over 1.2 million job posting each month from across the web, providing tangible market intelligence to recruitment agencies, media owners and job boards. 

Insight can be used for targeted lead generation, or at a more sophisticated level profiling the recruitment activity of new and existing clients. - enabling you to quickly find the most active recruiters in your area.

Why not register for a preview www.innovantage.co.uk/trial 


Online Recruitment Update 

Hitwise top 20 Recruitment Sites, December 2007
The most visited UK recruitment sites during December, starting with the most popular, were www.jobcentreplus.gov.uk, www.jobs.nhs.uk, www.totaljobs.com, www.reed.co.uk, www.monster.co.uk, www.jobsite.co.uk, jobs.tes.co.uk, www.linkedin.com, jobs.guardian.co.uk, www.cv-library.co.uk, www.s1jobs.com, www.1job.co.uk, www.axcis.co.uk, www.milkround.com, www.jobserve.com, www.prospects.ac.uk, www.clickajob.co.uk, www.jobs.ac.uk, www.jobstoday.co.uk and www.starnow.co.uk. Hitwise don't aggregate data from sites who form part of a network such as fish4.co.uk For more information about Hitwise, visit http://www.hitwise.co.uk

Louise's UK Recruiter blog
Since the last newsletter Louise has posted the following: 
- Social networking - you can have too much of a good thing
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- Recruiters' Charity Activities
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- Vote for Best UK Recruitment Blog of 2007
You can read Louise's UK Recruiter blog at http://ukrecruiter.typepad.com  You can keep up to date with other recruitment blogs from the UK via the UK Recruiter blog watch page at http://www.ukrecruiter.co.uk/blogs.htm.  

Press Release: Workhound.co.uk Announced First Round of Funding
"Workhound, the UK's largest online job site, has announced the completion of its initial round of funding. The angel round of £100k was led by private investors to fund product and market development. The Workhound.co.uk site launched in the 3rd quarter of 2007 and now lists more than 700,000 recruitment posts -- making it the largest online job source in the UK. The company is led by Howard Lee, former Head of Internet Operations for TSL Education Ltd, Britain's highest trafficked specialist employment site and previously a division of News International Ltd. The core Workhound product is based on the full integration of vertical search with open platforms that self-optimize based upon user demands. Workhound is building a robust business around this platform, helping job seekers to improve and manage their employment searches. www.workhound.co.uk"

Press Release: Hcareers.co.uk proves essential for recruiters in hospitality
"The UK, European and Middle East’s hospitality jobboard, Hcareers.co.uk is strengthening its partnerships with leading Hospitality recruiters. Hcareers.co.uk has been helping Hotels and restaurants find staff since 1998, and traditionally our core business has always been directly with the Hotels and Restaurants themselves. This trend is now changing.The hospitality industry in the UK has rapidly expanded in the past five years. This growth is reflected in the increased amount of opportunities for graduates. There is also a current shortage of skilled staff. Subsequently, this has created a recent surge in the number of recruitment consultancies which are now benefitting from candidates already visiting the site. A survey produced by Hcareers.co.uk in December, found that 57% of staff within a selection of premiere Hotel brands had found employment online. Hcareers are currently running various promotions for the month of January. Please call Richy Sams on 0207 394 7799 or email richy.sams@hcareers.co.uk"

Discussion Board Summary
Don't forget to visit The Discussion Board. Current topics on the site include:
- How Many Placements Per Recruiter
- Cold Calling
- LinkedIn Corporate Solutions
- Remuneration at Director Level
- Recruiters in the Middle East
You do not need to be registered to post or view messages on the discussion board.  Any postings you or anyone else makes will be included in the weekly digest (sign up for the digest here). Visit the site, ask questions and share your knowledge.  

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Recruitment Networking Event, 31st January, London
Our next Recruiter's Network evening takes place at 6pm on Thursday 31st January, in central London and places are filling fast!  On this relaxed evening of drinks and networking, you will be joined by expert speaker Matthew Jeffrey from Electronic Arts.  As usual we are taking bookings on a first come first served basis and may have to limit attendees per organisation.  If you want to come along you can register via http://www.recruitmentnetworking.co.uk 

Press Release: 2008 ‘worst year for jobs in a decade’ forecasts CIPD
In its annual end of year barometer report on the state of the workplace and the outlook for employment, published today, the Chartered Institute of Personal and Development issues its gloomiest forecast for the UK labour market in a decade. The report’s author, John Philpott, Chief Economist at the CIPD said: “We forecast a net rise in total UK employment of 75, 000 (0.25%) in the year to December 2008, only a third of the rise recorded in both 2006 and 2007, resulting from a combination of much reduced net hiring in the private sector and net job reductions in the public sector. This would be the worst year for jobs this decade and easily the worst since the Labour Government came to power in 1997."

Online Recruitment 2008 - The Year Ahead Conference, 1st February, London
"Enhance Media have recently announced the programme for their annual 'Online Recruitment - the year ahead' conference, which takes place on February 1st. There is a great line up of speakers who are addressing the key issues facing online recruitment professionals over the next 12 months.  Last year's event sold out so if you want to go along you can book online. The venue is the Royal Geographical Society in South Kensington."  PS, our first networking event of 2008 has been scheduled for the evening before this conference (see above for details).

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